Gazans Need To Understand Fate Of Relatives Taken In Egypt

GAZA CITY, Palestine

Lots of Palestinians on Thursday demonstrated in the Gaza Strip to demand that Egypt disclose the fate of 4 Palestinians abducted in 2015 in the unstable Sinai Peninsula.

Held outside the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza City, the demonstration was organized by a regional NGO that refers to itself as the Popular Committee for Uniformity with the Palestinians Kidnaped in Egypt.

One year has passed given that the kidnapping of our relatives while they were travelling through Egypt, committee member Mohamed Abu Libdeh stated at an interview held throughout the protest.We wish their

security and call on Egypt to divulge their fate, he included. On Aug. 19 of last year, unknown shooters abducted 4 Palestinians as they travelled through Egypts Sinai Peninsula from the Gaza Strips Rafah border crossing to Cairo International Airport. Till now, their fate remains unidentified. We get in touch with worldwide rights groups to take up the cause of the individualsindividuals of the

Gaza Strip to guarantee them the right of movement, Abu Libdeh said.We also interest Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to shoulder his obligation for the Palestinian individuals of Gaza, he included. In other places in Gaza City on Thursday, the Islamic Jihad movement and the Democratic Front for the Freedom of Palestine (DFLP)

organized a comparable demonstration to voice their support for Palestinian political detainees suffering in Israeli jails. Ratings of Palestinians took part in the demonstration to require an end to Israels policy of administrative detention under which detainees can be held for up

to one year without charge or trial. According to main Palestinian figures, over 7,000 Palestinians are currently languishing in jails throughout the Jewish state.

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