Beachwood Holocaust Survivor Fulfills For Very FirstVery First Time Loved Ones He Never Knew He Had

BEACHWOOD, Ohio– For three Canadian sis, learning that they had a relative from their deceased moms side of the household made them weep tears of joy.

For that relative, Beachwood resident and holocaust survivor Mike Blain, there was excellent excitement and surprise.

On Aug. 17, the relatives, who only came to understandfamiliarized each other existed in late June, met for the very firstvery first time, face to deal with, at Blain and other half, Sylvias, Beachwood house.

The conference was numerous decades coming, having actually been complicated by the tragedies of World War II.

Fulfilling Michael is a miracle, stated Dianne Berlenbach, 65, on the day she satisfied her cousin. Referring to her sis, Mary Roberts, 68, and Olga Ingram, 72, who all made the trip to northeast Ohio from their houses outside Toronto, Berlenbach said, All of us sobbed when we discovered out about him.

The conference is extra unique to the ladies due to the fact that their mother, Gizella Blobstein Babich, passed away of heart illness before any of them reached their teenagers. Her prematuresudden death left the girls without much household, save their dad and an aunt and uncle, in their lives.

Gizella was a Jew who matured in Selce, a town in Czechoslovakia that is now part of Ukraine. She left home alone at age 27 as The second world war broke out, startingbeginning for a better life, initially to Portugal, then throughout the Atlantic Ocean to New York, and settling, for a time, in Montreal.

Gizella met the womens daddy, the late Antony Babich, and later transferred to Toronto.

We thought we were it, stated Mary Roberts. We didnt think we had any family on our moms side.

Berlenbach said that the sisters, and a brother, Billy, who passed away at age 40 in 1985, were raised as gentiles since their father was not Jewish. Still, they all looked for a much deeper connection to the mother they lost so early.

All have actually gone to Israel, feeling a kinship with its individuals and the land.

Theres a part of your heart that simply desireswishes to exist, Berlenbach stated.

Little did the women recognize, however, that the future would bring a living, breathing connection to the mother.

Mike Blains story

Mike Blain, born Maylech Blobstein in Selce, left his town birthplace at age 14.

There was nothing to do in the village, he stated of why he left. His journeys landed him in Budapest, Hungary.

I learned a trade designing and making ladies handbags, he remembered.

It was while he remained in Hungary, in 1944, that his family, back in Czechoslovakia, was collected, along with other Jews, and taken by Nazi soldiers toAuschwitz concentration camp near the German-Polish border.

Of an instant household of 13, only three would make it through the prisoner-of-war camp– Mike; his sister, Miriam, who has considering that passed away in California in 2009; and bro, Sam, who died in Israel several years back. The rest of Blains household perished in prisoner-of-war camp gas chambers.

Blain was 16 in March, 1944, when Nazi soldiers, led into town by SS Lt. Col. and Holocaust organizerAdolf Eichmann, went to the Budapest childrens home where he was living.

The Nazi soldiers entered the structure, liked it and decided to stay there. They kicked us (kids) out and we went to another house, Blain stated.

A short time later on, Hungarian troops, dealing with the Nazis, assembled the teens and marched them to the Russian front.

The Hungarian soldiers did the Nazis filthy work. They marched us to the Russian front and we dug trenches.

Blain wound up costs about four months in a concentration camp in Budapest. While there, he left his captors, and was re-arrested.

On Dec. 24, 1944, Hungarian troops came for us and marched us to Vienna, Austria, he said. I keep in mind carrying a 2- or 3-year-old baby on my shoulders.

That march had actuallyneeded to be turned back to where it stemmed, however, due to the fact that the Russian Army had completely surrounded Budapest.

It was on Jan. 15, 1945 that the Russians freed Blain and his fellow prisoners.

When freed, Blain returned to Selce, however manythe majority of his household was gone. The town had actually gone on to end up being part of the Soviet Union.

In February, 1946, Blain and 4 friends tried to escape the Communists by getting in Czechoslovakia. He and a friend succeeded, the others were caught and jailed.

By 1949, Blain had made his way to New York and, soonright after, he was prepared and served in the United States Army in Korea. After his army stint, he went on to finish from Rochester Institute of Innovation, where he satisfied his other half of 60 years.

The Blains relocated to Cleveland in 1957, where Mike worked for World Publishing Co. He was transferred to Indianapolis, where he shortly after went to work for theIsrael Bondsorganization and retired as its executive director in 2007. The couple went back to Cleveland 6 years earlier.

Assembling the pieces

It remained in May of this year that Olga Ingram, her child, Kim Miller, and Kims other half, Rob, took a triptravelled to Auschwitz. It was at the concentration camp that they saw the Blobstein name listed a number of times in conjunction with the town of Selce, at the Holocaust memorial.

Acting as investigators would, the 3 visited grave sites and connectedgotten in touch with the websiteJewish Genin piecing together clues regarding whether they may have a long lost relative. The websites Marshall Katz referred them to Michael Blain/Blobstein, who, as a Holocaust survivor, had already contributed info to the website.

Although things were made more hard since Blain had changed his name, the women understood they had their guy when Blain provided a birth certificate from Selce that looked similar to that of Gizella Blobstein, which her daughters had protected.

Numerous emails went back and forth in between Blain, 88, and the females before their relationship was verified.

Our mother is (Blains) first cousin, Roberts discussed. His dad and our grandma were bro and sis.

As it turned out, Blain had once checked out, in the 1950s the womens uncle (their mothers childless bro, now deceased), who resided in Toronto.

We thought there was simply us, Berlenbach stated of herself and her siblings, while wiping tears from her eyes. There were no cousins. We thought we were the senior members of the familyfamily members.

We always believed we had no one, included Mary Roberts.

Berlenbachs spouse, Eugene, and daughter, Amy, 36, likewise made the trip to Beachwood.

We thought our children would never get to meet any loved ones, stated a pleased Berlenbach, the mom of 3 and grandmother of two.

Roberts has two children and four grandchildren, and Ingram, three kids, 9 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Sylvia Blain stated of her partner, He always said, I understand all the Blobsteins. He remained in shock (to discover of his new relatives).

Everybody involved now has manya lot more family members than they ever thought. Mike and Sylvia Blain, the moms and dads of 3, have 12 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

Speaking for the rest of the women, Kim Miller said of Blain, I like the method he begins every email, with Dear Cousin.

Im thrilled to have brand-new cousins, stated Blain of his affection for his newfound family members.

The womens stay in Beachwood lasted just two days, but the journey was well worth it for them, for it was much better than striking gold.

We like our mom so much and we lost her so early, Berlenbach stated. This resembles discovering a living part of her we can connect and touch.

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