36 Relatives Lose Homes In Louisiana Flooding

BATON ROUGE, La. The Louisiana flooding has actually hit Jo Lee Misners family hard: Her moms house, Uncle Donalds old store and Uncle Garys location, theyre all underwater.

Misner has 36 family members on her mamas side who have lost their homes thats 13 homes in the small community of Colyell in Livingston Parish. NumerousMuch of them live on the very same street where she matured.

Her other half has four relatives who have lost homes in neighboring Baker, Baton Rouge and Denham Springs.

I couldnt believe this was occurring to our households and others in our regional communities, Misner stated.

Our very first reaction was to helpto assist our households get ready for the worst, she said. When the floodwaters kept increasing, we then utilized boats to carry anything we could to save exactly what was left.

Its common to discover generations of a family who live close together in this part of Louisiana. The sense of family is paramount, especially when something so life-altering occurs.

The Misners are simply among the many families attemptingattempting to manage the catastrophe.

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